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Cognitive vomit

and other xenophobic experience's

2 May
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i love anything to do with evolution. Myself, others, nature, contemorary art, you get the picture.
all musical theory, alone time, animals, anthropology, anti-theory, anything and everything, art, astrophysics, avante guard, awkwardness, bauhaus, beauty, bill hicks, bjork, books, bowie, carl gustav jung, carl sagan, carla kihlstedt, carpe dium, cats, cello music, classical, clouds, colorful personalities, compassion, composing, conceptualizing, conducting, constructive critisism, conversation, convolution, cool breeze, cosmic microwave background, cosmology, creativity, cunundrums, dawkins, depeche mode, discovering, discovery channel, dogs, drawing, dreaming, drums, einsturzende neubauten, electricty, email, emotions, evolution, evolutionary psychology, experience, experimental music, fantomas, forgiveness, friedrich nietzsche, fuller, gravity, guitars, hammered dulcimers, hugging, idiot flesh, inspiration, intoxication, jazz, jeff buckley, jogging, john zorn, kissing, kyoto, learning, light rain, lightening bolts, lightning, linear chromatic, listening, lovage, love, making instruments, making things, math, maxwell planck, mike patton, mixed tapes, morrisey, motown, movies, music, music(of fucking course), nature, niels bohr, noise art, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, occult, open minds, painting, physics, pianos, pondering, power tools, presents, procurring imaculate cognition, psychoanalysis, psychology, rainstorms, reading, road trips, science, screaming, sex, silence, singing, sitars, sitting around, sky, sleeping, sleepytime gorilla museum, smiles, sobriety, spelling incorrectly, surprises, synergetics, tablas, taiko, tchkung, teaching, technology, temperament analysis, the coast, the cure, the smiths, theology, theory, thinking, thunder, tomahawk, tool, travel, tribal, trustworthiness, uilleann pipes, violin, wandering, warm days, whispering, wires, writing